Comet Observers of the world

created: 21.5.2018
Australia Con Stoitsis Caulfield, Victoria I am 41 years of age, and been a observer since the age of 10. I have other Astronomical interests, but comet observation and analysis, is my first passion. I use the following instruments 12 Inch F5 Dobsonian 8 Inch F6 Dobsonian 12x70mm Binoculars
Argentina Adrian Paulo Arquiola Funes
Argentina Luis Mansilla Rosario Coordinator of The LIADA Comets Section - The Iberoamerican Astronomical League. 0.10-m f/4.5 refractor, 10x50 B, 7x50 B. All visual observations luismansilla.jpg
Argentina Walter Rubén Robledo Cordoba El Cóndor Observatory I21, Celestron 20cm Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD
Argentina M. L. Varela M. M. Cesco El Leoncito 0.5-m f/7.5 double astrograph + CCD, observatory code 808
Argentina Carlos Alberto Colazo Tanti
Argentina Rodolfo Ferraiuolo San Rafael, Mendoza Observer's location: San Rafael, Mza. ARG. (34º 37' 3" S // 68º 20' 8" W) Binoculars 7x50 and 15x70. Telescopes SC 5”and SC 11” rodolfoferraiuolo.jpg personal mail
Argentinien Andres Chapman San Justo
Australia Andrew Pearce Perth I have 16" and 4" reflectors and I was a very active comet observer in the 1980's and 1990's. I don't do as much these days as my skies are too bright so I now concentrate on variable stars. However I still follow a few bright ones! andrewpearce.jpg
Australia Chris Wyatt Walcha NSW 20cm Celestron Ultima SCT (f:10, f:6.3) ; 25cm GSO Dobsonian ( f:5 ) ; 7x50 B and 10x50 B. and 11x70 Binoculars All obs visual chriswyatt.jpg
Australia David Higgins Canberra davidhiggins.jpg
Australia David Nicholls Canberra
Australia David Seargent Cowra, NSW
Australia Jim Gifford. Glenlynn jimgifford.jpg
Australia John Broughton Reedy Creek, Qld
Australia Lance Arnold Perth
Australia Michael Horn Queensland
Australia Michael Mattiazzo Castlemaine Victoria michaelmattiazzo.jpg
Australia Paul Floyd
Australia Robert McNaught Coonabarabran 0.5-m Uppsala Schmidt + CCD., observatory code E12
Australia Terry Lovejoy Thornlands, Qld terrylovejoy.jpg
Australia Tony Beresford Adelaid
Australia Will Godward Moonta
Australia Vello Tabur Wanniassa, Canberra
Australia Donna Burton Coonabarabran, New South Wales I am from Coonabarabran and have worked with Rob McNaught I also chase comets with my 12" Dob.
Australia Alan Watson Melbourne
Australia Gordon Garradd Tamworth, New South Wales Catalina Sky Survey
Australia Rob Kaufman Bright, Victoria
Australia J. Biggs Bickley 6076 0.35-m f/11 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code MPC 322
Australia Paul Camilleri Warners Bay
Austria Bernhard Hubl Micheldorf
Austria Burkhard Leitner Graz Orion ED100, Vixen VC200L, Skywatcher ED66, Starlight MX716, Canon 300Da
Austria Gerald Rhemann Eichgraben
Austria Michael Jaeger Weissenkirchen Wachau
Austria Mike Androsch Oberneukirchen mikeandrosch.jpg
Austria Albert Junger Nussdorf
Austria Gerhard Dangl Nonndorf bei Grünau 0.25-m f/4.8 Newtonian reflector + CCD, observatory code C47 gerharddangl.jpg
Belarus Vitali Nevski Vitebsk
Belarus Sergey E. Shurpakov Baran Observatory Taurus-1, A98, 410 mm Newton, 190 mm Newton, 150 mm Newton, 80 mm APO... + ccd Artemis 285AL, DSI PRO
Belgium Alfons Diepvens Olmen TEC 200mm F9 APO ED Refractor, 10Micron GM2000 QCI GoTo Mount, ST-10XME CCD, observatory code C23 alfonsdiepvens.jpg MPEC
Belgium Erik Bryssinck Kruibeke Orion Optics AG16 0.4-m f/3.8 astrograph + ASA DDM85 mount + STL6303E camera, C11 telescope + 10Micron GM2000 Qci Mount + ST10XME camera, observatory code B96 erikbryssinck.jpg MPEC
Belgium Frans van Loo Genk comet observer since 1970, 320mm f 5 Dob. second principal is a 20x120 Nikon bino fransvanloo.jpg
Belgium Guiseppe Canonaco Genk
Belgium Koen Van der Auwera Muizen
Belgium Pieter-Jan Dekelver 3630 Maasmechelen pieterjandekelver.jpg
Belgium David Vansteelant Brugge Info: Equipped with 12" f4, always visual observations of comets, my favorite ones. placing estimates on this page:
Belgium Philip Corneille De Haan Aan Zee corneillemcnaught.jpg
Belgium Peter De Schrijver Halle Main activity: Visual observing of comet using 0.25m f/5 Newton, 0.2m f/6.3 SCT, 0.15m f/5 refractor, 15x80 binoculars personal email
Brasil Alexandre Amorim Florianopolis/SC Amateur astronomer since August 1989. Brazilian Comet Section coordinator since June 2000. Author of books: "O astrônomo Brazilicio" and "Anuário Astronomico Catarinense" (2015. 2016 and 2017) aamorim.jpg
Brasil Avelino Alves Sambaqui Born in 16 June 1928. Amateur astronomer since 1982. AAVSO observer since 1986. AAVSO member from 1996 up to 2011. avelinoalves.jpg
Brazil Raquel Shida
Brazil Wilian Carlos de Souza Sao Paulo williansouza.jpg
Brazil Marco Goiato Aracatuba 22-cm reflector
Brazil Adriano Ferrao Passo Fundo My equipment is a Newtonian 114 mm telescope. Email
Bulgaria Filip Fratev Zvezdno Obshtestvo Observatory 0.35-m f/3.4 reflector + CCD, observatory code MPC A79
Canada Ellen Papenburg Drayton, ON ellenpapenburg.jpg
Canada Christopher Spratt Victoria, British Columbia I've been a comet observer since 1957 (longer than being a member of the AAVSO which I joined in 1961).. Seen and imaged (astrometry) over 170 comets in that time. Was an independent discoverer of 1994i Takamazawa. (Check IAUC #5987 where it is noted that I made an independent discovery of Comet Takamizawa (1994i) on May 8th, 1994.
Canada Pierre Laporte Montmorency Quebec,
Canada Michael Boschat Halifax Cometobs
Canada Andrew Lowe Calgary
Canada Paul Mortfield Toronto I use 2 sites. Canada - David Dunlap Observatory, Toronto, Ontario. MPC:779 1.9m Cassegrain USA - Sierra Remote Observatories, Auberry, California. MPC:G80 0.4m RC personal mail
Chile Alan Maury San Pedro de Atacama Campo Catino Austral Obs, 0.4-m f/8 Ritchey-Chretien + CCD, observatory code I10
China Patrick Stonehouse Changzhou discovered Comet C/1998/H1 patstonehouaseuniversity.jpg
China Quanzhi Ye Guangzhou
China Wentao Xu Guangzhou CometObs-ml
China Xing Gao Xinjiang Xingming Obervatory , 0.07-m f/2.8 lens and camera + CCD, observatory code C42
China H. B. Zhao,J. S. Yao, Y. Z. Wu, M. Wang, Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory, XuYi 1.04-m f/1.8 Schmidt + CCD, observatory code D29 MPEC
China Jin Beize Beijing C42 comets-ml
China H. B. Zhao,J. S. Yao, Y. Z. Wu, M. Wang, XuYi Observation Station Purple Mountain Observatory, 1.04-m f/1.8 Schmidt + CCD, observatory code D29
China Song Chen HangZhou city Vixen R200SS reflector and ESO350D personal email
Czech Republic Jakub Cerny Senohraby jakubcerny.jpg
Czech Republic Kamil Hornoch Ondřejov u Prahy
Czech Republic Martin Lehký Hradec Kralove astrometry of comets and mp photometry of mp MPC 048 Hradec Kralove 0.40-m f/5 reflector + CCD visual observations of comets 0.42-m f/5 reflector (dobson) binoculars 25x100 0.25-m f/4.2 reflector ... and many others:) martinlehky.jpg
Czech Republic Martin Mašek Liberec 12" dobson F 5.6 + Newton 200/1000mm martin_masek_12inch_telescope.jpg
Czech Republic M. Honkova, M. Tichy Klet 0.57-m f/5.2 reflector + CCD, observatory code 246 MPEC
Czech Republic Martin Gembec Jablonec nad Nisou comet-images maillinglist
Czech Republic Marek Biely Brno cometobs-ml
Denmark Nils Vest CometObs-ml
Finland Veijo Kallio Lumijoki I mainly take photos of comets using CCD -camera but sometimes I watch them visually also. main instument 0.40-m reflector + CCD. "Snowriver Observatory", Lumijoki A70
France Bernard Guillaud-Saumu Clermont-Ferrand
France Jean-Pierre Masviel
France Nicolas Biver
France Stephane Garro
France Stephane Ttakbou Wormhout Observatoire de l'ancienne abbaye, T180 Newton,Sigma Apo 300 mm,CCD Audine Kaf 3200 ME 0.07-m refractor + CCD, 0.08-m refractor + CCD, observatory code A11
France C.Rinner,F.Kugel, A.Klotz. Dauban 0.20-m f/4 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, 0.5-m f/3 reflector + CCD, observatory code A77 fkugel.jpg MPEC
France Thierry Noel Gieres 0.20-m f/5.0 reflector + CCD, observatory code B83 gieres.jpg MPEC
France Bruno Vauquelin Rouen i usually use a SC 14" F/D 5.4 or 6.7 with a CCD, a 80mm apo refractor for big/bright comets and a Schmidt Camera 5.5" Celestron modified for using another CCD Email
France Jean-François Soulier Maisoncelles I am working with 3 instruments (C10 / A77 / W96). T300 Remote Newton/Cassegrain Carbon, F/D:3.8, observatory code C10 T300 Remote Newton/Cassegrain Carbon, F/D:3.8, A77 = is at Dauban, at François Kugel, in the South of France. Newton T200 Remote Carbon F/D:4, mount I also work with A. Maury, Chile, SpaceObs., W96, on a T400 R-C Remote jeanfrancoissoulier.jpg comets-ml
France Gérald Sachot Rouet 0.13-m f/7.0 refractor + CCD, observatory code C09 personal mail
France Vincent Jacques Breil sur Roya
France Luc Arnold Saint-Michel-l Observatoire Instrument: 0.2-m f/5.5 Newton + CCD, observatory code 511 (Haute Provence) Email
France Bruno Ballery Bezu-Saint-Germain Aisne 20X80B & T406 Dobson personal email
Germany Albert Schroeder Bad Salzdetfurth
Germany André Wulff 22455 Hamburg andrewulff.jpg
Germany Andreas Kammerer 76185 Karlsruhe andreaskammerer.jpg
Germany Bernd Brinkmann Herne
Germany Bernd Gaehrken Muenchen
Germany Bernhard Haeusler Maidbronn observatory code B82 berndhaeusler.jpg
Germany Cai-Uso Wohler Bispingen caiusowohler.jpg
Germany Christian Fuchs Zeitlarn
Germany Christian Harder Fintel visual: 16" 1:4 Newton 8" 1:4 Newton, photo: 10" 1:6 Newton
Germany Daniel Fischer Koenigswinter
Germany David Bender Braesen
Germany Dieter Schubert Pluederhausen dieterschubert.jpg
Germany Dr. Volker Kasten Garbsen
Germany Dr. Werner Celnik Rheinberg
Germany Friedrich Wilhelm Gerber Mainz comet discoverer
Germany Gerhard Gramm Hueffenhardt
Germany Gunnar Glitscher
Germany Hartwig Luethen Hamburg Altona
Germany Heinrich Jahn Nebel
Germany Heinz Kerner Fassberg died in Oct. 2017, at age 64. heinzkerner.jpg
Germany Jan Gensler Bad Neustadt
Germany Jens Briesemeister Magdeburg
Germany Joerg Kopplin Altenburg joergkopplin.jpg
Germany Juergen Linder Durmersheim juergenlinder.jpg
Germany Konrad Horn Bovenden
Germany Maik Meyer Limburg maikmeyer.jpg
Germany Matthias Achternbosch Offenburg
Germany Michael Moeller Timmendorfer Strand
Germany Michael Buechner Nandlstadt
Germany Michael Hahn Kiel
Germany Michael Hauss Liederbach am Taunus
Germany Norbert Mrozek Hagen norbermrozek.jpg
Germany Otto Guthier Heppenheim
Germany Sebastian F. Hoenig Bonn
Germany Stefan Beck Holzgerlingen stefanbeck.jpg
Germany Thorsten Boeckel Germerswang
Germany Uwe Pilz Leipzig uwepilz.jpg
Germany Uwe Wohlrab Schoenebeck
Germany Volkmar Koch Buchloe
Germany Walter Kutschera Feldatal
Germany Wolfgang Meyer Berlin
Germany Wolfgang Renz Karlsruhe
Germany Johannes Kohr
Germany Bernd Thinius Potsdam MPEC
Germany Thorsten Zilch Dortmund
Germany Peter Staettmayer Hersching Lichtenknecker FFC, 520mm, f/2.7
Germany Josef Mueller Irmtraut/Westerwald observatory code A21 0.31 m f/4.9 Newtonian reflector + ST-10XME 0.13 m f/6.0 refractor + SXV-H9 0.08 m f/6.0 refractor + EOS 1000D-Astro josef_k.jpg
Germany Christian Schuchter Konstanz
Germany Edwin van Dijk Burlage I do visual observations of comets since comet halley (1986).
Germany Dr. Ingo Janiszczak Oberhausen
Germany Stefan Karge Frankfurt/Main Taunus Observatory MPC B01
Germany Werner Hasubick Buchloe 0.44-m f/4.6 reflector + CCD, observatory code 215 MPEC
Germany Christian Overhaus Borken 0.1-m f/9 refractor + CCD, observatory code B59 MPEC
Germany M. Emmerich, S. Melchert Weinheim Guidestar Observatory, 0.36-m f/6 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code A17 MPEC
Germany Guenther Strauch Hoxfeld, Borken
Germany Roland Fichtl 91346 Wiesenttal 40cm f/2.5 Newtonian rolandfichtl.jpg
Germany Frank Jungclaus Wedemark 0.15-m f/7 refractor & 0.25-m f/10 Schmidt-Cass. + CCD, MPC B62 email
Germany Roland Plaschke 45896 Gelsenkirchen Skywatcher 80/600 ED Pro, 80/900 Celestron and 6" Newton f6 selfmade. CCD Camera Atik 16 and Canon EOS 1000d modified rolandplaschke.jpg personal mail
Germany Hans-Georg Mohr 88682 Salem
Germany Thomas Lehmann Weimar personal mail
Germany Martin Nischang 39106 Magdeburg personal email
Great Britain David Evans Birmingham davidevans.jpg
Great Britain David Strange Branscombe, East Devon
Great Britain Martin Mobberley Bury Saint Edmunds martinmobberley.jpg
Great Britain Peter Birtwhistle Newbury peterbirtwhistle.jpg
Great Britain Richard Miles Sherborne Golden Hill Observatory, MPC code J77, 0.28-m f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, 0.10-m f/2.8 refractor, Director of BAA Asteroids and Remote Planets Section
Great Britain Stephen McCann Southampton
Great Britain Colin James Watling Kessingland, Lowestoft Cometobs
Great Britain J. Fletcher Gloucester Mount Tuffley Observatory, 0.25-m f/5.5 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code J93
Great Britain Chris Holt I'm observing from southern England (51.7 N), using an equatorially mounted 150 mm f/6 Newtonian cometchasing-mailinglist
Great Britain James Fraser Alness I have been observing comets visually since 1987. Using 10x50 and 25x100 Binoculars and a Schmidt-Cassegrain 20cm. I have recently begun imaging them with 70mm refractor. jamesfraser.jpg personal email
Great Britain Jonathan Shanklin Cambridge
Great Britain Nick Evetts Kempston In Progress The Albert Childs Observatory Equipment: C10-NGT Canon Xi DSLR and Orion StarShoot Solar System Colour Imaging Camera IV personal email
Great Britain Roger Dymock Waterlooville Most of my imaging is done with the Sierra Stars Optical Network (SSON) telescope and I am currently experimenting with iTelescope. I do own a 10" Orion Optics (UK) Newtonian reflector, rogerdymock.jpg personal mail
Great Britain Neil Norman Ipswich cometobs-ml
Great Britain Peter Carson Leigh on sea nr Southend Essex UK Eastwood Observatory MPC code K02 315 mm f5.4-f/8 corrected Dall Kirkham reflector. Paramount MEII, Sbig ST8300 CCD I'm a member of the British Astronomical Association Comet Section and CCD imaging advisor for the BAA Comet section. Further details at petercarson.jpg
Greece Manos Kardasis Glyfada-Athens Meade LX 200 10", f/10, 20x60 binocular, 10x50 binocular
Greece Constantinos Theodoridis Thessalonica I research for new comets, from my amateur Observatory in village ΑΣΠΡΟΣ Greece = 40°, 53΄, 56¨ North. 22°, 38΄, 05¨ East. a) With 10’’,(254mm), f/4, S/Newton Telescope + 22mm 2’’Televue Ocular, and 2X,2’’ Power-mate Televue, optical. b) Photographical with Canon 350D and Lens 200mm,f/2,8 guiding with QHY-5 auto guider + ED 80mm Triplet Air Spaced FCD-1 f/6. constantinostheodoridis.jpg privat email
Greece Andreas Vossinakis Thessaloniki personal mail
Hungary Sandor Szabo and Zoltan Toth Sopron
Hungary Gábor Sánta Szeged Szeged Observatory Foundation, ccd and visual observations, ccd: f/3 0.4m telescope+ST-7, visual: 10x50 binoculars, 0.07m refractor, 0.13m reflector, 0.22m reflector, 0.25m reflector - making drawings
Hungary K.Sarneczky Piszkesteto 0.60-m Schmidt + CCD, observatory code 461 MPEC
Hungary Zoltan Kuli Budapest personal mail
Iceland Jamison Turnbull Keflavik jamisonturnbull.jpg
India Amar A. Sharma Bangalore, Karnataka Nikaya Observatory Imaging equipment: C-14 Edge HD on CGE Pro mount SBIG ST-8XME Visual equipment: 25x100 Oberwerk IF binoculars amarsharma.jpg
India Onkar Dixit Marmagao
India Sachindra Karanth
India Y Pavan Kumar Sarma Aurangabad Maharashtra
India Rahul Zota Bhuj I have been observing comets since year 2004 and searching for new comets visually since 2007. I am using a 10" f/4.7 Dobsonian and a 102mm f/5 refractor on motorized equatorial mount with my DSLR camera for comet photography and comet hunting. 25x100 binoculars for visual comet hunting
Iran Babak Amin Tafreshi Teheran
Iran Amirhossain Daghighi Birjand 8“-reflector, f=1000 mm
Ireland David Moore Dublin davidmoore.jpg
Italy Danilo Pivato Roma, Casal Lumbroso 0.25-m f/5.0 reflector + CCD, observatory code B53 MPEC
Italy Dr. Riccardo Robitschek Milano
Italy Ernesto Guido Castelammare di Stabia ernestoguido.jpg
Italy Giannantonio Milani Padova
Italy Giovanni Sostero 1964-2012 Povoletto giovannisostero.jpg
Italy Giuseppe Pappa Mascalucia giuseppepappa.jpg
Italy Luciano Lai
Italy Rolando Ligustri Udine rolandoligustri.jpg
Italy Simone Bolzoni
Italy Gianluca Masi  Ceccano Photometric observations of NEOs gianlucamasi.jpg
Italy Toni Scarmato Zambrone 25-cm reflector + CCD
Italy Virgilio Gonano Udine i do astrometry of comets and sometimes confirmation of comets from the necop list
Italy L. Tesi, E. Tognell,G.Fagiol,M. Mazzucat San Marcello Pistoiese 0.60-m f/4 reflector + CCD, observatory code 104 MPEC
Italy M.Casali,A.Soffiantini, G.Pizzetti,M.Mic Lumezzane 0.40-m f/4.5 reflector+CCD, observatory code 130 MPEC
Italy Luca Buzzi Varese Schiaparelli Observatory 0.38-m f/6.8 reflector + CCD, 0.60-m f/4.64 reflector + CCD, observatory code 204 MPEC
Italy L.Donato,M.Gonano,V.Gonano,E.Guido,V.San Remanzacco 0.45-m f/4.4 Newtonian reflector + CCD, observatory code 473 MPEC
Italy P.Camilleri, E. Guido Catania Skylive Observatory 0.30-m f/6 reflector + CCD, observatory code B40 MPEC
Italy Enrico Prosperi Larciano Castelmartini Observatory 0.35-m f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code 160 MPEC
Italy Federico Manzini + Virginio Oldani Sozzago (Novara) Stazione Astronomica di Sozzago – IAU A12 0,4-m f/6.7 Cassegrain + CCD federicomanzini.jpg personal mail
Italy Walter Borghini Casasco Osservatorio di Casasco, 0.4-m f/7.3 Ritchey-Chretien + CCD, observatory code B66
Italy S. Foglia Novara Veveri
Italy Martino Nicolini Cavezzo personal email
Italy Dr Paolo Candy Soriano nel Cimino (Vt) Owner-Director Ci.A.O. Cimini Astronomical Observatory & Planetarium Ritchey-Chretien 0.5 m F/8 (F/6, F/5), RC 8" F/8 (F/6, F/5), Baker-Schmidt 8" F/2, Nikon 200mm ED-IF F/2 personal email
Italy Daniele Pinciroli Arconate I am 44 years of age, and been a observer since the age of 12. For my comet hunting and observations on Italian Alps I use the Vixen 25x125mm Binoculars email
Italy R.Garofalo Treviso
Italy Massimiliano Martignoni Magnago SC 0.25m f/10
Italy Fabrizio Montanucci Rome
Japan Hidetako Sato Tokyo
Japan Hirohisa Sato Sukagawa Fukushima
Japan Seiichi Yoshida
Japan Tony Farkas Okinawa Comets Imaging Mailinglist
Japan Ken-ichi Kadota
Japan M. Tsumura Wakayama 35-cm reflector + CCD
Japan K. Yoshimoto Hirao, Yamaguchi 16-cm reflector + CCD
Japan K. Itagaki Takanezawa-Tochigi 0,2-m f/3, reflector + CCD
Japan K. Kadota Ageo 0.25-m f/5.0 reflector + CCD, observatory code 349 MPEC
Japan H. Abe Yatsuka 0.26-m f/6.0 reflector + CCD, observatory code 367 MPEC
Japan T.Seki,K.Muraoka,.Shimomoto Geisei 0.70-m f/7 reflector(photographic),0.70-m f/7 reflector + CCD, observatory code 372 MPEC
Japan Y.Ikari Moriyama 0.26-m f/7.0 reflector + CCD, observatory code 900 MPEC
Japan Y. Ohshima Nagano 0.3-m f/4.5 reflector + CCD, observatory code D81 MPEC
Japan Y. Sugiyama Hiratsuka 0.25-m f/5.0 reflector + CCD, observatory code D88 MPEC
Japan Hiroki Akisawa Hoshinoko Yakata, 1470-24 Aoyama, Himeji comets-ml
Japan T. Takahashi Kurihara 0.15-m f/6.7 refractor + CCD, observatory code D95 MPEC
Malta Alexei Pace Rabat Equipment: Refractor 150mm f/8. email
Mexico Alberto Leon Estacion La Arboleda Toluca
Mexico Dr. Salvador Aguirre Reflector / Dob, 10 inches, F/4.7 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain , F/10 8" 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain , F/10 Camera CCD DMK 41AU 02.AS soon low resolution spectroscopy ( Star Analyser 100 + RSpec Software).
Netherlands Marco Frissen Ulestraten Comet observer dabbling into Comet and widefield astrophotography w/modified Canon 450d. equipment: 9x63 and 15x70 binoculars, WO ZS70ED for astrophotography. 15cm F/5 self made Newton. personal email
New Zealand John Drummond Gisborne Possum Observatory (IAU Code: E94, 41cm f4.5 Meade Newtonian (x2) 20cm f4 Vixen Newtonian ED 80 f7.5 Skywatcher refractor SBIG STL11000M CCD Canon 350D DSLR johndrummond.jpg
New Zealand Paul Kemp Auckland
New Zealand Rodney Austin New Plymouth, Taranaki rodneyaustin.jpg
New Zealand Stuart T. Rae Hamilton, Waikato
New Zealand G.W.Christie,T.Natusch. Auckland Observatory 0.40-m f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code 467 MPEC
New Zealand J. McCormick Pakuranga Farm Cove 0.35-m f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code E85 MPEC
New Zealand A. C. Gilmore, P. M. Kilmartin Lake Tekapo Mount John Observatory, 1.0-m f/7.7 reflector + CCD, observatory code 474 MPEC
New Zealand Ian Cooper Glen Oroua, Manawatu, comets-ml
New Zealand Rolf Carstens Rotorua Geyserland Observatory, IAU Observatory Code: E89 Meade 10" SCT F / 4.5 RolfCarstensscope.jpg
Northern Ireland Martin Mc Kenna Maghera martinmckenna.jpg
Norway Bjorn H. Granslo Fjellhamar
Norway J. Qvam Borrevannet, Horten 0.46-m reflector + CCD
Norway Tom Victor Kolkin comets-ml
Norway Fredrik Broms Kvaløysletta Remarks: Visual observing and digital imaging of comets and northern lights from Troms in northern Norway using an equatorially mounted DSLR fbroms.jpg personal email
P.R.China Tao CHEN SuZhou,JiangSu Telescope:0.3m F/5 Newtonian telescope+CCD
Peru Manuel Valencia Ramírez Lima I observe comets from 1P/Halley (in 1986) For comets in the best position, I just need a binocular. I have an 25x100mm and an 10x50mm. Ocasionally use an refractor 6" f/10. personal mail
Philippines Angelito D. Sing Makati 11X80 Binocular
Poland Adam Hurcewicz Bialystok adamhurcewicz.jpg
Poland Ireneusz Wlodarczyk Chorzow, Slaskie Obraz003.jpg
Poland Maciej Reszelski
Poland Michal Drahus
Poland Piotr Guzik Krosno
Poland M. L. Paradowski Dabrowa 0.25-m reflector
Poland Marcin Filipek Jerzmanowice 165/1200 Newton, 300/1800 Newton, 20x66 binocular, 25x100 binocular marcinfilipek.jpg
Poland Marian Legutko Gliwice 20x60B
Poland Michal Kusiak Zywiec I'm young astronomy student in Astronomical Observatory Jagiellonian University in Cracov (Poland). At this moment (temporary) my 'only' equipment is... "brain" (and PC). My famous topic are Sungrazing Comets (hunting and investigating).
Poland Rafal Reszelewski Swidwin
Polska Krzysztof Kida Elblag equipment: L150/750, L250/1320, EQ-6, Canon EOS 350D, B20x60 personal mail
Portugal Alfredo Pereira Cabo da Roca
Portugal Ana Paula da Silva Correia
Portugal José Rodrigues Ribeiro
Portugal Jose Fernando Alves Goncalves Sintra I am 43 years of age, and been an observer since the age of 20. I have other astronomical interests (eclipses, meteors, planets, deep-sky, etc.) but my principal passion have always been comet observing. So far (2012) I have seen 40 comets (the first was C/1987 P1 Bradfield). I use mostly binoculars ( from 8X30 to 20X80 ) and sometimes a 114mm reflector. comets-ml
Portugal João Porto Ponta Delgada Refractor 102mm f/8, Canon 350D with clip system filter CLS personal mail
Puerto Rico Efrain Morales Rivera Aguadilla LX200ACF 12in. OTA, ZenithStar ED80II APO, SolarMax40(Ha), CGE mount, ST2000xm Ccd, AO8, CFW9, ST402xme, PGR Flea3 Ccd. efrainmoralesrivera.jpg personal mail
Romania Sorin Hotea Sighetu-Marmatiei
Romania Alex Conu Bucharest I'm a fashion photographer. I'm also the head of the Photographic Commission of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy. Astronomy has always been my hobby and I'm interested in comets, meteors, eclipses, occultations, deep sky and astrophotography. I use the following instruments: William Optics 7x50 ED binoculars, BORG 77 EDII refractor, 150mm f/8 Dobsonian, 200mm Meade SC alexconu.jpg
Russia Dmitry Chestnov Saransk
Russia Stanislav Korotkiy Ka-Dar , Moscow stanislavkorotkiy .jpg
Russia Artyom Novichonok Konchezero 6-cm refractor, 13-cm reflector (Newton), 8x35 B, 7x50 B, 15x80 B, Monoculars: 10x25, 22x50, All obs visual now
Russia Fedor Sharov Moscow
Russia A. Novichonok, E. Evdokimova, S. Jurkevi Petrozavodsk 0.25-m f/8.0 Ritchey-Chretien + CCD, observatory code B94
Russia Danil Sidorko Korenovsk cometobs-ml
Russia Peter Mitrofanov Pskov 15x70B, cometobs-ml
Russia Mikhail Maslov Novosibirsk Newton 12", F/2.8
Schweiz Christian Rusch St. Gallen
Scotland Eric Walker ericwalker.jpg
Scotland Denis Buczynski Tarbatness Peninsula C14 on Paramount ME, 30cm f/4 corrected Newtonian, 15cm f/8 Refractor, 20x80, 10x50,8x42 binoculars IAU CODE I81 Currently I am Secretary of the Comet Section The British Astronomical Association. denisbuczynski.jpg personal mail
Serbia Aleksandar Ilicic
Slovakia Svetozár Stefecek
Slovakia Tibor Csorgei Blahova 350/1500 Dobsonian, 100/1000 ref, 7x50 B and 15x50 B., All obs visual
Slovenia Javor Kac Ljubljana
Slovenia Jure Atanackov
Slovenia Herman Mikuz Idrija observatory code 106
Slovenia Simon Krulec Celje 20cm f/4,5 Newton on HEQ5 mount and Canon 450d personal mail
Slovenia. Jure Zakrajsek
South Africa T. Green
South Africa T. Jones
South Africa Tim P. Cooper
South Africa Simon Walsh Johannesburg I observe comets photographically from a mag 5.5 urban location and from a Bortle class 1 dark sky site in the Waterberg. private email
South Australia Fraser Farrell
Spain Antonio Garrigós Sánchez Barcelona 0.51-m f/4 Newtonian reflector
Spain Carlos Segarra
Spain Esteban Reina Lorenz Masquefa-Barcelona Observatori de Masquefa - MPC 232 Meade S/C 10" LX 200 f3.3 CCD Sbig ST7
Spain Jose Carvajal Avila
Spain Juan Antonio Henríquez Santana Santa Cruz de Tenerife Losmandy G11+ Gemini + Vixen Visac (200, f/9) +TCF-S+ ST-9XE, 0.2-m f/9 Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code J51 henriquez.jpg MPEC + email
Spain Juan Jose Gonzalez Oviedo Visual observations from Asturias - León - Cantabrian Mountains ( N. Spain ). Telescopes: SC 203 mm (Meade LX-200 GPS), SN 152 mm, MC 102 mm. Binoculars 25x100, 11x80, 10x50, 7x50 , 4x30. juangonzalez.jpg
Spain Juan Manuel San Juan
Spain Paco Ocaña Madrid
Spain Juan Lacruz Avila
Spain Gustavo Muler Schteinman Lanzarote island, Canary islands Observatorio Nazaret LX 200 12" St-8 xme,, observatory code J47
Spain Jordi Camarasa Roura Sabadell, Barcelona Observatory Paus MPC B49, Telescope 0.25 f:4 Schmid/Newton,CCD ST7-XMNE
Spain Diego Rodriguez
Spain Javier Temprano Santander Observatorio Linceo - MPC J59 Meade S/C 10" LX 200 f3.3 CCD Sbig ST7 Comets-ml
Spain Pepe Manteca S/C14" + st9 + ST2000XCM Observatorio de Begues MPC 170
Spain José Luis Doreste Caballero Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Obs. Los Altos de Arguineguin, MPC J55 Tel.: SC 14" f/10 Eq. + ST-2000XM (Mono) Hypatia Group of Telescopes jldoreste.jpg comets-ml
Spain I.Almendros La Dehesilla Observatorio La Dehesilla 0.30-m f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code 212 MPEC
Spain Josep M. Bosch Santa Maria de Montmagastrell, Tarrega 0.31-m f/4.9 Newtonian reflector + CCD, observatory code B74 MPEC
Spain Julio Castellano Valencia Observatorio Rodeno 0.20-m f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code 939 MPEC
Spain Josep M. Aymami Tiana Observatorio Carmelita, 0.25-m f/4.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code B20 MPEC
Spain F. Garcia Valdes Observatorio La Vara 0.25-m f/8.1 reflector + CCD, observatory code J38 MPEC
Spain F. A. Rodriguez Vega de San Observatorio Montana Cabreja, 0.20-m f/4 reflector + CCD, observatory code J45 MPEC
Spain Rafael Benavides Posadas 0.28-m f/5.0 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code J53 MPEC
Spain Toni Climent Alginet 0.25-m f/4 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code J97 MPEC
Spain O. Canales Zaragoza Observatorio Pinsoro 0.25-m f/3.2 reflector + CCD, observatory code J52 MPEC
Spain L. Montoro Sant Celoni 0.20-m f/3.5 Schmidt-Cassegrain, observatory code B70 MPEC
Spain A. Carreno Puzol 0.20-m f/5 Newtonian + CCD, observatory code J08 MPEC
Spain David Cardeñosa Boecillo SC 8" + CCD, MPC J05 Bootes Obs, comets-ml
Spain R. Casas 0.50-m f/4 reflector + CCD., observatory code MPC 619
Spain Rafa Ferrando Segorbe (CASTELLON) observatory code 941 comets-ml
Spain Quico Hernandez Cabrera Fasnia Tenerife comets-ml
Spain Fernando Limón Rivas Vaciamadrid Observatorio Blanquit, observatory code I99 MPEC
Spain José J. Chambó Valles
Spain Juan-Luis Glez. Carballo Badajoz Equipment: SC0,20 m + CCD + Urban Observatory personal mail
Spain Jesus Gallego Alcorcón 100mm refractor f/5.4 I observe comets since 1985. I was the spanish observer with more visual magnitude estimations of Halley's comet in 1985-1986. jesusgallego.jpg personal email
Spanien Ramon Naves +Montse Campàs Cabrils - Barcelona Obs. Montcabrer - MPC 213 Meade 12" LX200 f5 SBIG ST8
Sweden Timo Karhula Virsbo CometObs-ml
Sweden Johan Warell Skurup I use mainly a 25 cm LX200 @f/4.6 + SXV-H9 for comet imaging. personal email
Swiss P.Kocher Marly 0.5-m f/3.3 Hypergraph + CCD, observatory code A13 MPEC
Swiss Aleksandar Cikota Zurich comets-ml
Switzerland Barbara Burtscher Zuerich barbaraburtscher.jpg
Switzerland Peter Ens Sursee Luzern peterens.jpg
The Netherlands Alex Scholten Eerbeek I observe comets since 1984 using mostly 8x40B, 10x50B, 15x80B, 20cm-reflector, 30cm-reflector and recently C14-36cm-telescope. My home-town is Eerbeek. Since 1984 I observed more than 150 comets. I’m a member of the Dutch Comet Section and I’m connected to the Public Observatory Bussloo (near Apeldoorn). alexscholten.jpg personal email
The Netherlands Peter van Grijfland Zwolle
The Netherlands Reinder J. Bouma Groningen
The Netherlands Albert van Duin Beilen
The Netherlands Guus Gilein Noordwijk My main interests are variable star and comet observing Instruments: 36,8 cm f/4,5 Starsplitter Dobson 15 cm f/8, 12,7 cm f/6,5 and 8 cm f/5 refractors (achromats) 10x50, 20x60 and 20x/30x/37x 100mm (90 degree) binoculars
The Netherlands Peter Bus - passed away 25.06.2016 Groningen Observing comets since 1967. Instruments: 7.8cm f/4.0 and 6.7cm f/4.5 refractor. Binoculars: 21x100, 10x56, 7x50, 6,5x44, 2,5x30 opera glass comets-ml
The Netherlands Klaas Jobse Oostkapelle
UK Nick Howes Cherhill 2m Faulkes Telescope North and South 11" SCT at home 5" TMB refractor for wide field personal mail
Ukraine A. Baransky Berezhany 0.70-m reflector + CCD
Ukraine Roman Kostenko Poltava I visually observe comets since Aug.2007. Binoculars: 20x90, 22x32, Newtonian reflector 76mm f/9. My cometary limiting magnitude is currently ~10.0m. romankostenko.jpg Cometobs
United States Rob Lightbown Caribou, Maine Remarks: Equipment: 12 Inch f/4.9 Dobsonian Reflector. roblightbown.jpg personal mail
Uruguay Gonzalo Tancredi Montevideo
Uruguay Raúl Salvo Montevideo Observatorio Astronómico los Molinos Telescopes: 0.46m Astroworks Centurion 18 and 0.35m Broadhurst Clarkson & Fuller 0.35-m f/5 Newtonian reflector + CCD, observatory code 844 raulsalvo.jpg MPEC
USA Alan Hale 16 Springs Canyon, Cloudcroft
USA Ben Hudgens Stephenville TX
USA Anthony J. Cook Pasadena, CA CometObs-ml
USA Brad Young Tulsa,
USA Brian Adams Zumbrota, MN
USA Brian Cudnik Columbus, Texas
USA Carey Johnson San Diego careyjohnson.jpg
USA Charles Bell Vicksburg, Mississippi 0.3-m f/4.7 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code H47 charlesbell.jpg
USA Charlie Trump Charlestown, IN charlietrump.jpg
USA Dave Adalian Visalia, CA
USA Dave Hoover Seattle WA davehoover.jpg
USA Dennis O'Day Jacksonville, FL dennisoday.jpg
USA Dennis Persyk Hampshire, IL
USA Don Machholz Colfax, CA
USA Donn Mukensnable Kamuela, HI
USA Doug Snyder Palominas, AZ
USA Dr. D. T. Durig Sewanee, TN
USA Dr. P. Clay Sherrod Petit Jean Mountain, AR Arkansas Sky Observatories MPC H45 - Petit Jean Mountain South MPC H41 - Petit Jean Mountain MPC H43 - Conway West claysherrod.jpg
USA Ed Cannon Austin Texas
USA Ed Murray Bucks County, Pennsylvania
USA Eddie Mahoney Maui, HI
USA Eric J. Christensen Mt. Bigelow Catalina Sky Survey
USA Frank Gutowski Oviedo, FL
USA Gary Hug Topeka Sandlot Observatory, 0.56-m reflector + CCD, observatory code H36 MPEC 2008-Y53
USA Gary W. Kronk St. Jacob, IL
USA Greg Crinklaw Cloudcroft, NM
USA Jeff Bennett Ojai Valley, CA
USA John and Jane K Rockville, MD johnk.jpg
USA John Bortle Stormville, NY
USA John Sabia Clark Summit, PA
USA Jose Magsaysay San Diego, CA josemagsaysay.jpg
USA Tony Hoffmann New York
USA Kevin Conod Newark, NJ
USA Mark S Deprest Ann Arbor, MI markdeprest.jpg
USA Michael Doyle Charlottesville, VA
USA Mike Holloway Van Buren, AR
USA Mike Linnolt Dillingham, HI
USA Mike Mattei Littleton, MA mikemattei.jpg
USA Phil Creed Canton, OH
USA Ralph Aguirre Sacramento, CA Comets have always been my favorite objects to observe. I've been observing comets since Comet Bennett way back in 1969 as a child. This year I enjoyed observing Comet PannStarr and Comet Lemmon, and look forward to observing comet Ison, Lovejoy and the many other comets that will be visiting us this year and beyond. ralphaguirre.jpg
USA Robert G. Warren Cleveland, TN
USA Steve E. Farmer Jr. Ty Ty - GA stevefarmer.jpg
USA Alex Gibbs Tucson, AZ Catalina Sky Survey
USA Andrea Boattini Tucson, AZ Catalina Sky Survey
USA Bob King Duluth, MN
USA Bob Terrell Abilene, Texas Heart O'Texas Observatory, 12' X 14' Roll Off Big Country Astronomy Club, Celestron CPC 11" Celestron Nexstar GPS 8", MallinCam Hyper Plus Color, Meade DSIC
USA Dave Kodama Cerritos, CA
USA Edward Beshore Tucson, AZ Catalina Sky Survey
USA James R. Schofer Beaumont, CA Meade 10"LX200 GPS f5, Meade DSI Pro II Monochrome, 8x10 Roll Off
USA Richard Hill Tucson, AZ Jim Loudon Obs and Catalina Sky Survey
USA Richard Kowalski Tucson, AZ Catalina Sky Survey RAKowalski_G96_2008TC3-a.jpg MPEC
USA Rick H. Bakersfield, CA
USA Steve Larson Tucson, AZ Catalina Sky Survey
USA Tristan DiLapo Colden, NY
USA C. W. Hergenrother Tucson-Winterhaven 0.31-m f/5 reflector + CCD
USA Michael Rosolina Friars Hill, WV CometObs-ml
USA Jim Pryal Federal Way, WA Cometobs-ml
USA James Schultheis Scottdale Pa.
USA Thomas Dorman Horizon City, Texas
USA Joe Stieber Maple Shade, New Jersey Cometobs
USA Raymond Maher
USA R. A. Mastaler, T. H. Bressi,A. F. Tubbi Kitt Peak, AZ 0.9-m f/3 reflector + CCD, observatory code 691 MPEC
USA R. G. Matheny, R. A. Kowalski, J. A. Mt. Lemmon Catalina Sky Survey 0.68-m Schmidt + CCD, observatory code 703 MPEC
USA David Levy, Wendee Levy,Tony Glinos Vail, AZ 0.64-m f/7.2 Ritchey-Chretien + CCD, observatory code G92 MPEC
USA R. A. Kowalski, R. G. Matheny, A. R. Gib Mt. Lemmon, AZ 1.5-m reflector + CCD, observatory code G96 MPEC
USA P.C. Sherrod Petit Jean Mountain South 0.51-m f/4.3 astrograph + CCD, observatory code H45 MPEC
USA Pedro Maysonet Tampa, Fl At the present I'm living in Tampa, Fl, USA, but I'm from Puerto Rico. My equipment are, Meade 70az 600mm F/8.57, Celestron 127mm F/ 7.87 Newtonian, Orion 8" F/5.9 dobsonian, Zhumell 20x80 binos. pedromaysonet.jpg cometobs-ml
USA N. Moritz Fall Creek, WI Hobbs Observatory, 0.60-m f/5 reflector + CCD, observatory code 750 MPEC
USA David A. Birmingham Thompsonville, Illinois 0.31-m f/3 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD, observatory code H53 davidbirmingham.jpg personal mail
USA Anthony Recascino Ormond Beach, FL personal mail
USA Jim McCormick Victor, Idaho
USA Todd Augustyniak Bartlett, IL 30.5 cm reflector comet-obs ml
USA Gregg Ruppel Tucson, AZ greggruppel.jpg personal mail
USA Jim Skinner Castle Rock, CO I observe with a C8 telescope and mount my digital Pentax K20 on top, so I only photograph comets 9th mag (so far) and brighter. I use 50mm, 135mm, 200mm, and 300mm lenses. personal mail
USA Frank J Melillo Holtsville, NY
USA Bruce Bowman Clayton, IN 15x70 Binocular Cometchasing-mailinglist
USA Mike Olason Parker, CO I image with an Astro-Tech 66mm f/6 Refractor taking images with an SBIG ST-402 guided by an SBIG ST-402 and SBIG efinder on a Celestron CG5-GT Mount.
Venezuela Jesus Guerrero Barquisimeto
Venezuela Ignacio Ferrìn Merida Instruments: 1 m Schmidt telescope f/3 + CCD 1 m Reflector f/5 + CCD Site altitude: 3600 m ignacio+subtitle2.jpg comets-ml
Zimbabwe David Pringle-Wood
Zimbabwe Mike Begbie Harare